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President's Message:

      July 20, 2020

To All DADOA Members,

Hope this message finds every one of you safe and healthy!

The DADOA Board has decided to cancel the July 2020 luncheon due to Covid19 concerns. It is however possible later in 2020, we may be able to resume having our luncheons with boxed lunches or individual plates ordered instead of family style. Until that time, we will continue virtual learning free of charge during our regularly scheduled luncheons and will add extra learning curriculum as they become available.

Health and safety are our first and foremost concern while still offering virtual learning and career coaching and or resume writing during this downturn in our industry! We are working on these beneficial helpers so keep an eye on your inbox for more info. via email communications from DADOA.

I personally have been looking for ways to help me be positive and supportive in this uncertain environment.

I came across an article in the Harvard Business Review I would like to share the following excerpt:

“If you want to survive, act like a survivor. Be confident and cheerful. Stay focused on the future by concentrating on the customer, without whom nobody would have a job.

Give your leaders hope. They agonize over layoffs, so cut them a break. Empathizing with your boss will give you an advantage.

Be a corporate citizen. Companies like team players. Research shows that collegiality may trump competence when push comes to shove.”

Keep in mind we are all in the same boat and it is whether you keep rowing and moving forward that will determine your outcome! The USA has weathered many storms and has rebuilt many times! The future depends on all of us! If you do not like where you are - you have the power to change your destiny! Pick up that oar and row forward!

DADOA is always looking for new ideas and ways to keep us all movingforward. We would love to hear from you!


Evelyn Kastner

2020 President 


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